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Restaurant Papavero Rosso

Pasta · Pizza · Wine · Local dishes

OPEN Tuesday through Sunday from 12 to 3 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m. Closed on Mondays

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Consegne ad Alba e periferia - costo di consegna fisso: 2,90€.
Servizio disponibile tutta la settimana dalle 18 alle 23.
Ordinazioni dalle ore 16. Aperto tutti i giorni della settimana.
Il menù è disponibile al completo, includendo vini e birre.

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Piedmontese beers

Filtered and unpasteurized Piedmont craft beers, 100% Made in Italy.
Have you ever tried an I.G.A.? They will surprise you with their nuances to the grape must used in the fermentation.
Discover them

Where beauty meets taste

In the historic center of Alba, among the lofty towers and other wonders of this beautiful city. Every moment at the Red Poppy is yours. Appease your senses, allow us to amaze you.

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A fancy restaurant In the center of Alba in where you can explore local culinary culture and other curious novelties in a picturesque and lively atmosphere, in the company of the inevitable local wine.

Piatto di tagliatelle


Taste is never the only sense involved during a meal. Conquering them all is our philosophy.
At our restaurant dish presentation is as careful as its execution in the kitchen. Be surprised or visit our Instragram for a preview.

Bicchiere di vino e grappoli d'uva


Alba wine that made us fall in love with these areas. We bring you our conspicuous offering of Red wine, White wine, Sparkling wine and bulk wine. To each their favorite and enjoy!




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Main courses

What does eating in a restaurant mean to you?

People decide to go out to eat at restaurants for many reasons and at different times in their lives.

You can eat out for a special occasion, so you choose the place that suits the expectations of the guests and the significance of the event. Preparations are made, we dress up perfectly to be remembered as we wish. We choose the place suitable for the memory we want of that moment and us in it.

Instead, sometimes we go out to hang out with the people who are part of our story, devoting our time to them, to provide a setting for our relationships. The restaurant provides a backdrop to our lives like the soundtrack accompanies a movie.

We may happen upon a restaurant during a trip or because of an unexpected event, not knowing what to expect and following what chance has led us to encounter, or we opt for a pizza when a friend has news to tell us.

We could say more simply that sometimes we choose the restaurant while other times it chooses us. At Red Poppy whatever the occasion, reason and meaning of your passage in your busy lives, you are all welcome because you will be part, for a while, of ours.

Il Papavero Rosso is waiting for you!

TripdAdvisor user

Close to the historic center, great food and excellent service. They are very helpful and I noticed good English and French skills with foreign customers.

TripdAdvisor user

Friendly and professional staff, really good quality/price and great dishes! Really good to everyone!

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